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H100i RGB Elite cooler help

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Bought this cooler 2 months ago


I've have had 0 issues with it until last saturday when it failed a firmware update through icue. Was stuck on 0% for 4 hours until it eventually crashed. Now icue won't even recognize it on the dashboard or in firmware settings for me to update the firmware. It shows up on my bluetooth devices which i've deleted and let it rerun the install for it. It will show it in the pre-install and installs the modules for it in icue but then only will show in the software settings and nowhere else.

The Fans are running at 100% at all times, RGB has completely turned off and anytime I have icue open it's a constant usb connect/disconnect sound every 10-15 seconds.

I've tried doing a uninstall and install of icue 4 and 5 multiple times, tried repairing the app too, unplugging everything and back in and  system restoring to last week but still doesn't recognize it.

I've basically done everything except try to bootload the hex file which i of course deleted when i was trying to do a fresh install of icue.

When I opened a ticket to corsair they immediately said RMA was approved and wouldn't send me the firmware file but it's a firmware issue and not a device issue so I'd rather at least see if I can bootload the firmware.

Is there anyone who has the .hex file for this device that could help me out? or any other options

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Happened exactly the same with me, but I have the 150i Elite (same product, just a bigger radiator).

Forget about forcing firmware update. I tried many times, no luck. Send to RMA and forget about iCUE, it's a **** show...

Sorry, but until Corsair admits that iCUE development team is garbage, this forum will be crowded of problems and bricked firmwares... a shame!

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