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Corsair PCI Express Status Test FailedWPE01-J4V

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I have  a six year old Corsair One

Product CORSAIR ONE Serial Number   0002181500421 BIOS Version String          4.QQ

Operating System  Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

Version 22H2

Build Number    19045.3448

Up til a few days ago my system was running perfectly, running games and DVD's without issue.

I recently began having problems with games on Steam. They started to crash after a short period of play and now do not start. My DVD player also now freezes. Yet many other applications run normally. Including Youtube videos. Reloaded Steam, reloaded associated apps like Vortex. Nothing helped.

I ran Corsair Diagnostics multiple times and get only the following error:  Mass Controller  PCI Express Status Test FailedWPE01-J4V

I followed the recommendation to unplug the Corsair One , and after a minute replug it in and restart the system. Then ran the diagnostic again and at first the error appeared gone but since I was still having the same issues I reran the diagnostics and the same error came up. I ran Norton Power Eraser in case the might be  malware contributing but no threats were observed.

The second Diagnostic recommendation is to update the PCIe driver. But Device Manager tells me the driver is fine and it is the best available. Now it only searched my PC. I did do a Intel search for drivers and they came up with 1000 plus so I am not sure at all how to use the site to update the driver.

Right now my system is crippled. I am able use the internet, receive mail, run various programs including graphics programs like paint, but no DVD's or games.


I noted that some sites on the net said that it could be the card plugged into the PCIe slot that is the issue; could my video card be failing? If so should I use a replacement from Corsair?


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This is a follow-on to my original issue above.

I frankly am confused now.

My system has exhibited the following indicators of a failing GPU:

* Programs randomly stuttering or slowing down
* Crashes when doing graphically intensive tasks
* Graphical glitches (artifacts)
* High GPU temperatures (indicated by fans speeds rising to s very high level that never happened until recently)


Yet Corsair Diagnostics says the GPU is OK, and points to the PCIe controller. I also ran DXDIAG and it shows the GPU as running normally, and Device Manager also shows the GPU functioning normally.


Anybody out there who can help?



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