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Corsair H100x AIO with Commander XT


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Hi there,

I have a pretty simple setup but still problems getting it to work… now I hope I can get some help here.

My system has 3 chassis fans with rgb from Corsair working well with my commander xt and the lightning node pro on port 1 to 3. Also I have 2 strips connected to the commander directly.

Now I added a h100x AIO 240 yesterday and was hoping just to connect it to the commander and to work fine but it didn’t…

the 2 fans of the AIO are power connected to the fan ports of the commander xt - working fine. The pump is connected to the cpu fan on mb - working fine. The rgb cables of fans and pump (3 in total) are connected to the remaining lightning node pro ports but they are not working. No lights at the fans and no lights at the pump. Completely dark…

cooling is perfectly fine but I don’t have rgb - what is wrong? Perhaps someone can offer me advice… I cannot connect the fans and pump directly to the mb because I have an old Asus h410m-e with no rgb port.

what can I do?? Thx


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This should work.  Power down and then connect the new AIO radiators fans to RGB ports 4+5.  Then connect the pump RGB cable to RGB 6.  The Commander Core and XT do have an auto-detect protocol, but it sticks sometimes.  Go to the Lighting Setup tab for the Commander XT and run the RGB Wizard.  That should force a LED count for each header.  


How does the Lighting Node Pro fit in?  The Commander XT can do RGB and PWM for 6.  It also has an LED port for the strips.  Is there anything left on the LNPro?

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