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Fans are making me dizzy...


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I'm putting together a system with my 10yr old for Christmas - all Corsair aside from CPU and MOBO 😊

We have a used 680X which we both love and want to keep and all is going well aside from the RGB control and fans.

Currently we have 4 x LL120 fans - 3 on the front, 1 on the exhaust.

We have a new H115i Elite Capellix with Commander Core. It has 2 x ML140 fans and is going at the top - probably in push configuration, although could possibly go at the bottom ?

The case came with Lighting Node Pro.

I want to put an additional 2 x exhaust fans either 120 or 140  on the bottom or top, depending on the advice given.

Would a kind soul please advise what I need to do to get everything working with ICUE when it comes to Christmas and what fans I need to buy/sell to get an optimum solution with ICUE. I understand there are different nrs of LEDs depending on the fan, but do my Commander/Lighting node give me flexibility ?

I've spent about 3hrs so far reading up and my head's spinning (luckily magnetically levitating)

Many thanks !

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You don't need the Commander Pro.  Regardless of whether you do all QL or stick with a mixed group, you'll have 3 front, 2 top, 1 rear, and 2 bottom for 8 fans.  That will require two RGB controllers.  The Commander Core from the AIO is one.  There should be a  Lighting Node Pro already in the case that came with the LL fans (and a RGB Lighting Hub for extra 5v power), but any of the the Lighting Node Cores from a QL multi-pack can work as well.  There is no advantage to replacing the Lighting Node Pro with a Lighting Node Core.  


You'll need to split the 8 fans into two groups for lighting purposes.  That could be front + top + rear (6) on one and the 2 bottom on the other or any other combination that makes sense for you.  However, each will act as a separate group, not a combined group of 8.  


For speed control, the best solution is a cheap powered PWM fan hub.  These can be found most anywhere for $12-20.  It's effectively a powered splitter with 1 PWM lead back to the Commander Core.  The easy setup would be the front three fans on the PWM hub, leaving one slot each for the remaining 5 fans.  

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