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M65 Ultra (wired) input stutter/lag

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Hi everyone. I just bought an M65 ultra about a week ago and I'm having this inconsistent stutter/freezing/lag when gaming with it. While it may be brief, it's very annoying. I've used several M65 PROs over the years without any issues, but within the first day of using the M65 Ultra, I noticed this problem. All drivers and firmware are up to date and I've also tested each of the polling rates.

To test some theories and finally narrowing it down to  the problem stemming from the mouse, I swapped back to my M65 PRO to find that the problem went away. Afterwards I plugged the Ultra back in and tried using it without iCUE running in the background, and it would still act up. Not sure what else to test here. Is mine just part of a bad batch of mice, or is this just the nature of the M65 Ultra?

Any help would be appreciated. If you're curious about my PC specs, see below:

3080ti FTW3

Intel i9-13900k (liquid cooled)


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