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Shuttle SN95G5V3 and Memory


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The shuttle SN95G5 has 2 memory slots. If a piece of memory is installed that uses a 64 bit interface, you cannot install another module. This is stated right in the manual.


I recently bought a stick of 1GB XMS memory (CMX1024-3200C2) and it turns out this registers as a 64 bit memory.


My question is, how does one know what type of interface the memory has to the socket so that I can get 2 1GB sticks of this? It needs to be 128 bit.


Currently, there are 2 512Mb Corsair XMS 3200 c2 modules in it. When the machine posts, it reports them as 128 bit.

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Then I would ask them to explain it to you as there is no such thing as 128 Bit memory. The term 128 Bit would refer to running 2 64 Mit modules in dual channel.



I was reading other posts and I think I understand better. Maybe this means that I cannot run a 1GB and a 512MB module at the same time as it cannot run in dual channel mode. Running just one stick of memory, whether it's my 1GB module or my older 512 module should both POST saying 64 bit mode. That would make sense.


If this is accurate, then I'll just order one additional 1GB memory module.

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