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Dual Channel with Ver 1.0 and 1.2? Does it work? - 2x CMX512-3200XL


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Hi, I recently upgraded my machine because I wanted to step up to Dual Channel.


Previously, I had 512MB of the 3200XL 2-2-2-5. So I purchased the exact same stick from Zip zoom fly. Unfortunately the stick is a different rev number.


My old stick was 1.0 and the new one is 1.2. I dont see Dual channel running on my PC(Dont know where to look, its not on the initial boot screen)


Could the problem be the rev numbers, even though the sticks are the exact same, spec wise? Is there GUI software that could tell me, if my machine is in Dual channel?

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Welcome to the forums, tqlla3k!


Dual-channel depends on a lot more than just the memory, but mixing/matching revisions and such isn't reccommended and could be the issue.


However, you can run CPU-Z and on the 'Memory' tab it'll tell you if you're running dual channel under the '# Channels' heading.


If you list your motherboard model, CPU, etc, we can help with the setup!




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Thank you for the help, I will see if its running Dual channel tonight


I have an


ECS N2U400A Nforce motherboard(latest Bios/e)

Antec 350 truepower Powersupply

ATi Radeon 9550 Video card

Maxtor 300GB Hard drive

WD 250GB hard drive

Windows 2000

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