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CMX512-3200LLPT Memory Problems - Please Help!!


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here is my setup:


DFI LanParty NFII Ultra

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (166x13)

CMX512-3200LLPT x 1 in DIMM3 W/CAS 2-3-2-6

ATI Radeon 9800XT


OK that is my setup, my problem is that this machine has been running SUPER slow, and crazy unreliable. So I came by here and saw that memtest86+ was a good test to use so I ran it last night ... all night. I woke up this morning to close to 80,000 errors (I think all of them were on tests 6 & 7) after 24 passes. Here is a screen shot:




Please help, does anyone have any ideas????

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Are you running the memory @ 333 (synchronous with the FSB), or @ 400 (asynchronous with the FSB)?


Running the mem async from the FSB may cause errors in Athlon XP systems.


Hmm... I'm not sure, the memtest98 screen says it is running at 400, I'll check into that when I get home and try again. Stay tuned ...

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You would need to run the memory Frequency at 100% or 1-1 with AMD XP CPU's.


OK I changed the mem feq from default to 1:1, and reran the test. I ended up with fewer errors but I still had a lot.


I read up on my motherboard and found out that it wants it's ddr400 mem running at 2.5 v, so I changed the voltage from auto (it was running at 2.6) to 2.5. This seemed to help ALOT, the memory has been running through 24 passes again and I only have 8 errors. All of the errors seem to be in the same general address range, and are all on test 5.


Is this acceptable? Or should I play with the settings until I have 0 errors???

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Here is a follow up, I ran memtest for 16 hours yesterday and I made 49 passes, and had a total of 14 errors all on test 5?!?! The errors also always seem to occur in the same general address range (see screenshot link below). Anyone have any ideas?


My memory is now running at 1:1, and 2.5V. My motherboard manual says the minimum power supply it needs is a 300W, and that is exactly what I'm using. Could it be that I need another power supply with 350W+? I'm at a loss.


here is a screenshot of my latest Memtest:



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