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3x512 valueselect causing restarts

Mojo the Monkey

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Well, my motherboard (soyo p4vtp) has 3 dimms, and I just got Battlefield 2 (a RAM hog) and I decided to add another 512 stick of Corsair ValueSelect ram (same type as the previous 2; VS512MB400). The computer would then allow me to boot as far as the desktop for 1-5 seconds before the computer restarted itself and did the whole thing all over.


I changed everything in the bios to conservative settings (dram timings etc), and even tried using full "failsafe default" settings for the whole bios. I have the latest drivers, bios, windows updates, you name it... I took the RAM back out, and the computer works just fine. The restarting almost reminded me of a computer that wasnt getting enough power, but I'm using a 550W very stable PSU with no other problems.


I have also used this RAM with one of the old dimms, and everything worked ok. Are there any settings that I should try messing with before I return this? I know the whole thing about RAM running in pairs... but then why would I have 3 slots here? This should work.



any help is greatly appreciated.

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