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need help with timing settings...

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greetings all...

just finished doing a search through this forum & am very impressed with the feedback.


I just purchased 2gb's worth of Corsair XMS Platinum RAM model:



I've been having trouble getting all the timing settings down as for the most part when I save the settings in the BIOS and try to reboot my system just hangs and won't reboot.


here's my sytem:

*MSI Neo4-F mobo with BIOS v1.2 as v1.4 wouldn't let me install WinXP or Win2k

*AMD64 3000+ w/stock hsf

*RAM.. I mentioned that above

*Leadtek PX6600GT vid card


anywayz... for the most part my system runs stable if I put most of the settings on auto with the exception of the following settings:


Tcl: 2.5

Tras: 6T

Trcd: 3T

Trp: 3T

Memory timing: 2T which is AUTO defined.


I hope that this RAM can go faster than the AUTO defined settings which is why I purchased it. So any suggestions on timings for the following settings would be greatly appreciated:



row refresh cyc time(Trfc):

row to row delay(Trrd):

write recovery time(Twr):

write to read delay(Twtr):

read to write dealy(Trwt):

refresh period(Tref):


read pre-amble value:

async latency value:

mtrr mapping mode: discrete or continuous


I've been reading about memory as much as possible and to tell you all the truth I'm getting really confused. so any help would be great.


thank you much...


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All other timings aside from the basics are to be set to default.


TwinX pairs are guaranteed at their timings when running one pair, not 2. Also, unless you have a Athlon 64 with a Venice core, you'll have to set the memory speed to 333, not 400 (design limitation of the memory controller).


Try 3-3-3-8 first. Also, if you can, you're better off swapping them at the store for TwinX2048-3200C2s instead.

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I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me askin' you a few more questions...

if you don't mind....


I have a MSI Neo4-F mobo with a AMD64 3000+ winnie core w/stock HSF and was wondering how do I set the memory speed to 333mhz..? Is that done through adjust my FSB..?


As I stated in my post I have 2gb of twinx1024-3200c2pt. I just sold 1gb...so I have 1gb in my machine now. just thought I'd inform you on that as you the timings from Corsairs site are for 1gb of the matched pair of RAM rather than 2gb of it.




Never said 2.5-3-3-6 were settings for 2 Twin packs. That's why I suggested 3-3-3-8. Also, Since you only have one TwinX pack now, there's no need to set it to 333 Mhz FSB.

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