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Conflict with Corsair and OCZ working together?


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Hello all. First, please look at my profile for my specifications.

Now, my problem is, this is my first time upgrading RAM. I have had my stick of Corsair for a while, and decided to buy a stick of OCZ - I could only afford one at the time, needed it fast. I just put the stick in today... now, everything boots up properly, and I notice nothing different about my PC - and thats the problem! Windows says I still have 512 MB...


I've used programs like Si Sandra and EVEREST, and they show I have 1 stick of corsair installed in DIMM1 and one stick of OCZ installed in DIMM2. The timings appear to be correct, as well as the voltages... yes, everything is correct, but PHYSICAL memory says I still have 512. What gives?


These modules are pretty much the same... the only difference is that they're from different manufacturers, and the timings are different, right? (2-3-2-5 for OCZ, 2.5-3-3-8 for Corsair) - do I have to change something, like voltage or timings?

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