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In need of an RMA


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I've had my system for a few years. Got the motherb/CPU/memory combo & video card from http://www.monarchcomputer.com the rest I got locally.

It has two of the same 512Mb Corsair memory modules.


I haven't changed any hardware in quite a while and

all was working well. Suddenly it would not boot Windows

from one HD nor Linux from another. Got a copy of

Knoppix & tried to boot off of CDROM and that didn't work either so I knew it wasn't the HDs. Figured if it was the

memory, I'd have a 50-50 chance of pulling out the bad

module on the 1st try -- guess I got lucky, it's been humming along with no problems for a few weeks, so

it seems it was the memory.


Now, I'm running an app. that is swapping & making progress like molasses... over 24hrs. and no end in sight.


I needs my other 512M... RMA? pretty please :[pouts:


The module says:

VALUE SELECT Corsair VS512MB266 021129 and a blue

sticker: 47411 Warranty void if removed.



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