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Corsair XMS and Abit AN8


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Ever since I built my machine, I get randome restarts. Nothing constant, usally about once every week at the most. For a while I suspected the power supply, but now I'm leaning more towards the RAM. Example, I was playing Unreal Tournment 2004. Midgame, I got a very fast Blue Screen of Death, then the machine restarted.


Other times this problem occured would be when using my TV Tuner, running Firefox, etc... No set time that it happens. Actually the above game is the ONLY time it's ever reset mid game...


I have an LCD, and as with any monitor, it takes just a second for the screen to show, espcially when changing resolutions. I beleive I actually saw the BSOD because I had the screen at 800x600 for the game(perhaps what it ran at)


Could anyone give me suggetions. Any tests for the RAM or even possible other causes?


Abit AN8(regular)

AMD Athlon XP 4000

1024M Corsair XMS twin

2x Western Digital 37.6G Raptor drives

External USB Seagate 80G

External USB NEC 3520a DVD-RW


eVGA PCIe GF4 FX 6800GT w/ 256M

AudioMax riser card

Kworld TV Terminator

Coolermaster PurePower 450

Thermaltake Viking case

2x 120mm fans, 2x HD coolers...

Windows XP Pro, SP1(I can't get the updates to download...)

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