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Bad Memory?

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Hello, I'm have some computer trouble. It first started when oneday my computer would not boot up. No post, no beep. I took this opportunity to upgrade my system, and upgraded my motherboard to a Asus A8V-Deleux and an Athlon 64 3000+. I had before an Asus A7N8X-X, and an AMD Thunderbird 1.22GHz. After putting the new parts together, I still have the same problem, no post no beep. I switched out my video card with others i knew that have worked as well as tried three different other monitors. The only thing left that I had not changed was the RAM which is 1 stick of Corsair Valueselect 512MB. I contacted the retailer, newegg, but they don't do RMAs on products 1 year and older. The only other part I have not changed is my HDD but if the computer doesn't even post, i can't see it being the problem. Unfortunately I don't have any spare RAM to test out. If my problem isn't the RAM, I am in a complete loss at what my problem is. Thanks for your help.


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