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Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless LED issue

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So since I'm on a dead end with both Corsair Support and my local webshop saying that my the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless unit is faulty, I'm going to give the forum a try.

I bought Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless earlier this year and is working great until now, but after some checks on the headset after an ICUE update the LED's seem off.

What happens now if I do set my HS80 to white (hex value #FFFFFF) the color gets white at first, but after 1-2 seconds the LED's turn more yellow-ish, although all RGB channels are set to 100% with the hex value.

Both my webshop and Corsair Support (yes I already raised a support ticket, tell me that this a hardware related issue, but still I'm certain that this is not the case and is more related to a firmware issue.

I did with Corsair support the following:

  • I did uninstall ICUE on my desktop completely with the instructions given.
  • I did connect my headset through USB to my laptop and did a clean installation of the latest version of the ICUE software, but this also had no effect.
  • While my headset was connected to the laptop, the same strange behavior is visible (first full white > changes in 1 second to warm white)
  • I confirmed that effects like rainbow colors are showing the colors correctly and do not give the warm-ish white hue

Some things I could not figure out yet:

- How to factory reset the HS80? The procedure on the help page did not work for me.

Now I'm curious are any of you also experiencing the same issue or is this looking to be a real hardware issue?

Please see the link below to my Google Drive that is shared to see the issue happening with pictures and video's:

HS80 incorrect LED behavior - pictures and video's


I hope to hear from you!

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Anyone any idea?

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