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Gamig Laptop & External Monitor Issues

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So I recently got myself a Corsair Voyager a1600 Gaming Laptop and I love it.  I also just got myself a Corsair Xeneon 32-Inch QHD 165Hz AMD Freesync Premium monitor to go along with it cuz I am not using a 16" screen.  However, I am having issues with AMD's Adrenaline software.  It's not registering my monitor as AMD Freesync Compatible.  But it's not stablizing the refresh rate.  Not only that, even with Vsync On, the system is only running 144Hz maximum.  I also cannot seem to figure out how to get the Vsync to work properly.  Since 144Hz is jumping from place to place, but it only gets that fast in some games.  So, can anyone help me understand what's going on here?  For reference.  I have my laptop set up and turned the screen off and only displaying the second screen at maximum res and frame rate.  I also have my laptop on a custom cooling system to give me max performance.  Yet nothing I do works to get me my smooth 144Hz Vsync features or my AMD Freesync Premium monitor to actually use it's AMD Freesync Premium feature in it's own software.  I have downloaded everything I need from Corsair's website, and the monitor's drivers, yet nothing still works.  Can someone please help me out?

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