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Problems after adding Corsair Ram


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I recently upgraded my motherboard and processor to an Abit AV8 and an AMD FX55 processor. I have been using 2Corsair CMX512-3200C2PRO sticks and everything works well with these. I added 2 more for 2GB of memory but now stuff doesn't work as well. Games seem to halt and return to desktop for no apparent reason. Everything looks ok in the BIOS and I have the latest BIOS update. The computer boots up fine and the POST shows 400DDR. I have to wonder if perhaps there is some incompatability between these otherwise identical modules. Two of these are marked v2.1 and the 2 newer ones are marked v5. Are these compatable? Both of these work fine as individule pairs when I switch them out but all 4 together do not work well. What can I do?? Larry
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