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P5AD2-E Premium post issues


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I am having some trouble with my RAM and I am unsure if this is a compatibility issue. I have been assured by RamGuy in the past that the RAM that I have is compatible with my board (Asus P5AD2-E Premium).


RAM: 2 Sets: TWIN2X1024-4300C3PRO (http://www.corsairmicro.com/corsair/products/specs/TWIN2X1024-4300C3PRO.pdf)

Motherboard: Asus P5AD2-E Premium

Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 550 with HT Technology


Here are the symptoms:

1. I have tested both pairs separately in both channels on my motherboard; i.e. 1st set in channels 1 and 2 (Black and Gold slots) and 2nd set in channels 1 and 2 (Black and Gold slots). They function fine.

2. When I install all four sticks (2 matched pairs), the system will not post. The lights on the sticks illuminate in an unexpected pattern, then slowly go out and the system halts, no post.

3. I have been advised by the RamGuy in the past to use a memory testing utility which I downloaded and burned to a bootable disk. All sticks have passed more than twice.

4. I have been advised by the RamGuy in the past that this could be an overclocking issue. Have tweaked overlclocking settings in the BIOS but still encounter the same result.


Can someone help me with this situation?





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yeah they said my ram was compatible on my board P5GDC Deluxe and it very well may be, but the RAMGUY pointed something out to me that i never thought of looking at...the VERSION #'s, i bought 2 sets of XMS3200C2 TwinX and they do as urs does post each set but not all four, i looked at my version #'s and 2 are v3.1 and the other 2 are v1.1 check urs
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Thanks Ram Guy.


I will try to increase the reference voltage and set the less aggressive timings. Another question, I've been told that using all four slots is not likely to increase overall system performance, rather it will place extra stress on the memory controller and increase the size of the swap file. According to the individual that I spoke with, I am better off utilizing on a single channel and trying to maximize my RAM that way. Is there any truth to these statements?

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