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iCUE LINK Cable Request

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Hello Everyone,

We want to express our gratitude for being early adopters of our revolutionary iCUE link ecosystem. We understand that some of you may need an extra cable to make the building experience even more enjoyable. If you have already purchased a set of QX fans from our Webstore or other retailers and would like to receive an additional 100mm cable, request the free LINK cable here. Just provide your proof of purchase and shipping information, and we'll take care of everything as soon as possible. 

We truly appreciate each and every one of you for being a part of something extraordinary. Moving forward, all future purchases of the QX RGB starter kits from our CORSAIR website will include a complimentary cable. Once again, thank you all for helping us usher in a new era of PC building with iCUE LINK! 🙂

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off topic slightly when do you think a white 100mm 90 degree by 90 degree cable will be released as i require 2 to compete my set as just upgraded to 10 QX fans and the AIO and using 2 600mm cables tucked behind motherboard tray to at least use the system 



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I have to route cable outside the case and currently can't put the back side panel back on the case as the link controller has to hang outside the case.  no room for straight connectors. great cable management.  Can't close up the case. The fans do look great.  I should not need to spend $78 more for 3 cables when I've spent $505 for 3 fan kits. I don't need 3 controllers!  They should sell a kit with the link controller.  And another kit with 3 cables 1- 600mm 90degree, 1- 200mm 90-degree, and 1- straight 600mm cable with no controller.  Sell it as a starter kit,  The other kit can be called the connections kit that has cables and no link controller.  I bet a kit with 3 fans and 3 cables would be cheaper to produce.  They still could charge the same.  My 2-cents.






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The real reality is that the straight cable provided is E-Waste!  All of Corsairs marketing shows the 90-degree cables in use!  The fact that a 90-degree cable is not provided in the starter kit is pathetic! 

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