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Max Voltage for PC3200 Value RAM

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I'd like to know what the max voltage I can use on Corsair Value Select PC3200 memory (VS1GBKIT400).

I read in Anandtech forum that exceeding 2.8V would negate your warranty, I was curious as what the Max voltage setting was .. I could not find this info on the Corsair site.


I have them at 2.7V now and preforming mild OC, not to sure if I want to whip these Value sticks anymore .. it's actually quite stable and a decent enough OC, I was impressed as thee were the 2nd settings I tried ... going to 230x10.5 .. my MB would not boot and I di not want to up the voltage over what I have right now not knowing what the max voltage was.


Ram settings are 2.5-3-3-10 ... 220x10.5 ~ 2315 Mhz.

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