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Problem with iCue and DDR5 RAM and monitoring software or ... ?

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Hello everyone,

R7 7700
Corsair Vegeance DDR5 2x16GB EXPO1 6000Mhz 36-36-36-76 RGB
Rog Strix B650E-F
Asus TUF 7900 XTX
Windows11 Pro 22h2 (Moment3) Fresh Install

I have a lot of problem with the monitoring/benchmark software and iCue where I lose the RGB of the ram and impossible to reset via the software.
Software: HWMonitor; 3DMark

I was using before reinstalling Windows11: OpenRGB. Even without, it's a problem. I haven't installed Armory Crate.

On HWMonitor, I sometimes have 1 strip, or 2 strips, or zero visible DDR5 strips.
I've already seen a lot of information leading back to these problems, but no solution found.
Similarly, the CPU load via software is often inaccurate compared to the windows task manager. Like AMD Software Adrenalin or ICue presents this problem. With a load running between 0 and 10% when I'm often in the 15-30%.

The problem is also that I lose control of the RAM on the iCue software when I launch HWMonitor for example, there's really a problem for it to crash like that, right?

Thanks for your feedback and solution.

Capture d'écran 2023-07-08 203152.png

Capture d'écran 2023-07-08 203202.png

Capture d'écran 2023-07-08 203206.png

Capture d'écran 2023-07-08 203926.png

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HWMonitor is not usually a conflict problem because it uses the same CPUID program as CUE to fetch data. It should not cause conflict in the same way as HWinfo or AIDA and RAM is usually exempt from that. 

All the software accesses the RAM through the SMBus and there have been some issues in the past. If you’ve just done a clean install of Windows, make sure you reinstall your motherboard chipset driver. Quit CUE before installing it. 

Does the RAM drop during the initial loading of 3DMark when sysinfo is running?  Or during any of the various benchmarks?


The cpu load and gpu load inaccuracy is a separate issue and one they will need to address. 

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