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CX750F PSU Cable compatibility

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Hello i recently upgraded my gpu to a strix 3080 ti that has 3 pcie power connector but my CX750F only came with 2 pcie cables

i had a spare pcie cable from my old cx650m (2017 model?) but the pinout seems to be different

here is a photo of the pcie cable connectors from both psu
(left side: cx750f; right side:cx650m) 


so can i use my old cx650m pcie cable on my cx750f? as i need an extra pcie cable. Thankyou guys!



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the CX-M use type 4 cables like your CX-F, so it's compatible.

on those connectors on the PSU, there is a row of 4x12V, and a row of 4x ground. So it doesn't matter which 12V is not populated in the row.

the PCIE has 3x12V and 5x ground.

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