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My modules poorly


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I've recently fitted a second XMS3200 512mb 400mhx CL2 module to compliment the existing identical module on my Asus A7N8X-Deluxe motherboard. They are running dual channel but at reduced clock setting of 2.5T 5 5 5.


I've been having a lot of errors which made me lower the timings, but haven't gone away, and when I ran MemTest86, thousands of errors came up. I took each module out in turn, and only one of them is bad (to the bone).


The other module is fine. I assume the faulty module is the new one - they look identical and i don't remember which is which as I moved them around to the dual channel slots. I haven't changed any otehr settings on the motherboard and the processor isn't overclocked.


I guess that means I need an RMA number please, unless you have any otehr suggestions?





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