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Finally finished this...

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I finally got around to finishing this after a bunch of sidetracking, so the parts list is a bit dated:

Intel 12700K
Thermalright Contact Frame
Asus Prime Z690-A
Corsair Dominator 32GB DDR5 5600
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2TB M.2
EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra
Asus Thor 1200P PSU
Corsair 4000D Airflow case
Corsair XD5 Pump Reservoir
Corsair XC7 CPU Water Block
Corsair QL120 Fans
Corsair 350mm LED strips
Cable Mod sleeved cables for the visible power (24, 2x8, and 3x8)
EK-Quantum Vector 2 Water Block and Active Backplate
PrimoChill 360mm EximoSX Radiator (40mm thick)
XSPC TX240 Ultra-Thin Radiator (~20mm thick)
Mostly Corsair tubes and fittings
EK Cryofuel

The grey parts of the case were swapped out with matching pieces from a black 4000D Airflow, and honestly Corsair should sell them this way instead of the weird grey/white combo and the black case actually looks better with the grey accents (I'm going to use it when I build a VR rig upgrade). The case is relatively stock, but I've made some minor mods and added some useful accents with 3D prints and sheet styrene.

I wanted to add a printed duct in the bottom to help redirect the lower 120 fan's airflow up into the case, but the cables just stick out too far with the size of the PSU. I would need a shorter bodied or a Corsair Shift PSU to give me the necessary room. My only real complaint is the Alpha Cool Eislicht white LED panels I used to illuminate the area behind the GPU. I should have tested them ahead of time, but assumed it was going to be an actual white LED since it wasn't sold as RGB. The marketing materials made them appear whiter in color than they are in reality. I'll just replace those with more of the dot-less LED strip I used in the front when it comes time to maintenance the loop.

I'm still working with adjusting the undervolt and overclocks, but it plays everything I'm throwing at it (so far) with epic/ultra settings at 100fps (3440x1440).




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