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ICue + Discord + Diablo IV = Bad Times


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I did a quick search and couldn't find a relevant thread and hopefully we can get something done.

I have a Corsair Virtuoso XT Wireless headset running the latest firmware and latest icue software.

I don't do alot of voice chat but I noticed that when I go into Diablo, and I join a group in Diablo the mic stops working.  I initially (and it probably still is) thought that the built in Diablo voice chat was taking the mic.  I shut off any voice chat within the diablo client and it still didn't work.

I saw on Reddit people having the same problem and the "solution" is to quit completely out of icue, then it works.

Is there something else that can be done?  With Icue disabled I lose Diablo integration and the microphone filters that make it sound better.


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Thank you for your reply.

I have attempted the following:

Disabling game & software integration to all devices

Disabling game & software integration to just the headset

Uninstalling Nvidia Broadcast

Reinstalling Nvidia Broadcast

Using all 3 types of audio engines in discord.

Making sure Windows 11 allows programs to take "unique control" of microphone

Making sure Windows 11 DOESNT allow programs to take "unique control" of microphone.

Disabling Voicechat in Diablo

Disabling Voicechat in BattleNet launcher

Changing the bitrate of both the microphone and the headset

Killing the iCue process all together


Basically what happens is the following:

Restart computer with iCue running - Perfect Audio from Microphone

Run Discord - Perfect Audio from Microphone

Run Diablo to character select screen - Perfect Audio from Microphone

Select Character and load into game - Audio works if I do NOTHING, but if I type or hit Escape the game lags for a split second then my audio out to discord sounds like I'm a chipmunk.


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  • 4 weeks later...

ive had to disable icue all together. whenever i visited a vender/blacksmith ingame my voice would go crappy and others wouldnt be able to hear me ingame or in discord. put it this way. i got sick n tired of repeating myself everytime i had something open ingame. ive had to save a few profiles to the mouse to get around not being able to use icue while playing d4 which is the main game for me atm. with icue not even allowed to start at boot everything is fine.

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So I've mostly fixed it but it required lowering video settings of D4 down from 4K to 1440p and going from Ultra to around medium.

Also it turns out I had a weird Nvidia driver version (545.37) which apparently Microsoft Windows insider pushed, and because its technically newer than the the last few drivers I didn't get any that had D4 optimization.

Now I'm only using around 6-8 gigs of vram instead of the 11 it was capped at and havent ran into any issues since.

But it sucks that I have to lower the settings for a basic function to work. 

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  • 4 months later...

nvidia driver 546.29 still does it also. so still a conflict. waiting to download the new diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 and test it out again. says there are some performance and stability improvements.

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new updates with either diablo or icue and still no better. even tried to lower graphics and friends still saying there is still mic issues when i have icue running and have like the blacksmith open.

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