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(My headset is Virtuoso XT)
(Done on iCUE version: 5.2.128)

Not sure if it will work for all headsets, but this worked for me with the Virtuoso XT.

With iCUE open:
1) Remove the USB wireless receiver.

2) With headset turned OFF, plug headset into PC with USB cable.

3) On iCUE in the home area, a square will pop up detecting the headset and should have a "download" button (for me it was bottom right inside the square).

4) Click the "download" button. After it downloads, it will request a system restart.

5) After the restart, plug the USB wireless receiver back in and unplug the USB cable from the headset.

After those steps it should be visible in iCUE again and now you can once again see and adjust the headsets lighting, EQ, and other settings.

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I just signed up to this forum, to say my kudos to you. Thank you so much! 🙂


After an iCUE update my headset just disappeared from iCUE. It was also around June, mine is the Virutoso SE. However, I did just find the time by now to address myself to that issue. This is not a possible fix, it's the only fix. I guess @Corsair messed up in that update (I think it was for me from v4 to v5), where iCUE would update faster than the headset, which resulted in this issue. Again thank you so much!!!

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