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VENGEANCE i8100 Gaming PC XMP won't work with extra 64gb 5600 ram?

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Hello, I recently bought the Intel version (13900KS) of the Vengeance i8100 Gaming PC, i saw that there were only 2 sticks of 32gb 5600 rams for 64gb total, so I went ahead and bought another 64gb of 5600 ddr5 ram.

Are the Ram that are installed with the PC the same ram model as this one: CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 RAM 64GB (2x32GB) 5600MHz CL40 Intel XMP iCUE Compatible Computer Memory - Black (CMT64GX5M2X5600C40)? Or is the 64gb 5600 ram something else? I checked my task manager and saw that the extra 64gb that i've installed showed up and now I have a total of 128gg of 5600mhz ram, but the speed is stuck at 3600mhz.

When I enable the Bio's XMP profile, my computer does not post. It stays on, but the display doesn't show, I left it on for half an hour and nothing posted. If the 5600mhz ram installed on the Prebuilt is different from the on found on amazon (like a different CL number or something) Can you link me the RAM product that is the same used in the prebuilt so that I may purchase it and install it?

Memory Speed at 3600mhz DDR5 Dominator Platinum 5600..png

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I don't think it is easy to run 4 DDR5 sticks with XMP enabled. You can refer to some videos on Youtube, increasing Volgate could resolve the issue.

It is a limitation of DDR5

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Mixing kits is a recipe for disaster when it comes to overclocking. Same deal as stated, running 4 ram sticks is a lot harder than running two, at higher speeds.

Even if you buy the exact same part number it's not guaranteed to work at all. It was the case with previous iterations of DDR, but as speeds increase it's more and more relevant.

The CPU ram speed specification also drops if you use 4 sticks instead of two. So, overclocking to 5600 with XMP is no problem with two sticks, but with 4, the CPU struggles a lot more.

Basically you have the choice between lots of slower ram, or two sticks of faster ram. Running faster will require manual tweaking and testing.

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