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Bluetooth Device Stuttering (keyboard, mouse, headphones)

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Since using the CORSAIR ONE I have consistently experienced "stuttering" with Bluetooth devices I have connected.  Specifically:

  • Logitech MK540 Wireless Keyboard Mouse
  • Shokz wireless headphones

All these devices work fine connecting to other devices and PCs I own but with my CORSAIR they "stutter".  That means:

  • Mouse movements stutter (does not respond for short moments)
  • Keyboard commands are not always received, are really delayed or sometimes the same letter is typed 10 times
  • Headphone audio stutters when listening to music

This makes working on/using the CORSAIR EXTREMELY frustrating when I notice what I type is not there or is gibberish and then I cannot move my mouse to the area I want to click, etc.   I tried a lot fo things to address this issue including adding/removing the devices via Bluetooth, resetting, moving away all other devices like mobile phones, etc that may interrupt the Bluetooth signal.  The only consistent variable is the CORSAIR machine I'm using. 

Are others experiencing (have experienced) this issue?  If so, what have you tied that helped... it driving me nuts!  

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i've always had trouble too if the receiver is not close by. Just being plugged on the rear of the case is enough to get bad reception.

Usually the best solution is to have the receivers on a small USB hub somewhere on the desk.

I still use a logitech trackball from time to time using one of those receivers, and it only works well when it's plugged to the USB passthrough on my keyboard, close to the mouse obviously.

The definitive solution was to move to a logitech lightspeed mouse (the equivalent of Corsair's slipstream, they all name it differently) which is a more advanced connexion that allows stupid range and latency equivalent to a wired connexion.

But try moving the receivers away from the case, that should improve things for a very minimal cost (just a cheap USB hub, you may even already have one somewhere in a drawer 🙂 )

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Thanks for the suggeston LeDoyen!

The Corsair is directly under my keyboard and mouse (50 cm away) so it didnt feel like the issue was distance.  BUT if you have also had similar issues it may just mean that something in and around the Corsair box itself is creating disruption.  If that is true then a USB hub that is distanced from the box may help in this case.

Much appreciate the suggestion!    

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Well my receivers were on hte back of t he case also about 50cm away. the case is on a 12U rack next to me so the receiver has line of sight to the mouse.. but still i had drops. i guess it's just the huge EM noise around the case  that messes with transmission.. who knows. 

Oh, if you have an USB extension cable somewhere you can also use that for testing.

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Hey Ross, 

I'm having the same issue, unfortunately. I just got the Envision Pro and whenever iCue is installed, the keyboard and mouse lag. I ended up uninstalling it. I've read that iCue has issues with Logitech. Not sure if that's the case but my keyboard and mouse are both Logitech. I'm going to pick up the basic Best Buy Essentials brand and give it go. 

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