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Nightsword RGP Mouse: Scrolling down goes up sometimes or Scrolling up goes down sometimes

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On my Nightsword RGP every so often when I scroll down it will scroll up or it will scroll down if I scroll up. Is this a hardware issue or some setting I need to change? I've had this mouse for a year now and just recently have been having this issue.

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Not something commonly reported. Try to see if this is CUE related or Windows/Hardware. Deliberately quit the cue app from the system tray or task manager. Is the scroll wheel still reversed?  If it does not happen when cue is not running, then it may be some type of install corruption. Go to the Windows Settings-> installed apps. Find Corsair iCUE and select modify from the drop down. Follow the prompts for the repair install. 

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It's typically a dirty wheel encoder. You can clean it and make it work like new, but you need to open the mouse obviously.

If the mouse is under warranty, just open a support ticket with corsair to get it exchanged.

If it's not under warranty, well you can still try opening it and repairing it youself. If you planned on changing it, you won't lose much except 5 min of your time ^^. Of course, if you can't be bothered, just replace.

I imagine a good blast with contact cleaner and some good spinning will make it work again.



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