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Why has the timing of my lights suddenly changed?

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So like the title above describes for about a year and a half I had my system set to do color shifts between two colors, for most devices I divided them into three (for this example I will be referencing the 3 RGB fans in the 5000T case), so for the two outside fans the color shift would be on fast and interchange between color1 -> color2, but the middle fan would also be on fast but interchange between color2 -> color1. Now this worked for a very long time and achieved the effect of having the colors change opposite colors in tandem for my whole system (Fan1: color1, Fan2: color2, Fan3: color1 --> Fan1: color2, Fan2: color1, Fan3: color2...) Now recently the lights have desynced their timing so that they end up being the same color for like half a second and then the middle one changes first and after a few milliseconds the others change to the next color and end up matching the middle. I tried completely redoing the profile, trying to turn them on at the same time, slowing one down and then speeding it up to fix the timing, and even tried doing a weird thing with the gradient effect to achieve something like the color shift but it still desyncs. I don't understand how they can be that close in timing when they are set to opposite colors and done at the same time or might quickly achieve it with the gradient effect just to go back to desync. Is there anything I can do the re-achieve the effect I desire? 

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Well, you’ve tried the hard ways and trying to get it nailed down to a tenth of a second or less is very frustrating.  This unintentional “de-sync” is frequently encountered in the creation process. When you add a new effect, it starts at second zero but existing effects do not reset their timers to the origin point. This puts your effects at different clock points. The normal solution is to change to a different profile and then back to reset the lighting clock. However, this has become less reliable lately and the clock does not reset to zero. Quitting the CUE app and restarting should get the job done, although it’s quite a bother if you are working on a new lighting scheme with complex timing and must do this repeatedly. 

I have several profiles like this with counter-switching color sequences. I’ll load a few and make another to see if I can produce the same problem. 

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