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Dark Core RGB Pro Mice question

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Hi guys,

I am after some clarification - I have 3 Dark Core RGB Pro mice with minor variations I am trying to tidy up:

1: Part #: CH-9315411, Dark Core RGB Pro, USB-C connection
2: Part #: CH-9315511, Dark Core RGB Pro SE, USB-C connection
3: Part #: CH-9315511, Dark Core RGB Pro SE, USB-Micro connection

I am curious to note that the 2 SE mice have different cable connector ports, but the same part # - does this mean something significant?


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Footnote: Upon further checking, the -5411 RGB Pro mouse (non SE) that I have has a different side button configuration to the version shown on the Corsair website currently.

My one has a sort of 4-way DPad on the side with an additional button in the middle. On the 4 way D-Pad it seems that only the "West" and "East" point actually operate as the forward and back.

The RGB Pro currently on the website just has the 2 Back and forward buttons on the side, which is what both my SE mice have.

Also, but irrelevant, one of the Qi charging ones I have (which I believe is the SE variant) has a Qi charging fault which I have an RMA authorization for, but was never able to follow up on as it was right at the start of COVID and I was not allowed to ship anything to Taiwan so it remains here with me as a functional mouse that I have to charge the old fashioned way - with one of those cable thingys !!!!!



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***** Correction to my "Footnote:" post above *****

I misread the part numbers on my mice due to crappy eyesight and a poor attention to detail !!

Reality is more like this:
Mouse 1): CH-9315111; USB-Micro connection, D-Pad buttons on side, Appears to be an RGB PRO SE
Mouse 2): CH-9315411; USB-C connection; Back/Forward buttons only on side; Appears to be an RGB PRO
Mouse 3): CH-9315511; USB-C connection; Back/Forward buttons only on side; Appears to be an RGB PRO SE

So it seems I have 2 x RGB PRO SEs with different Part numbers, different side button layouts and different cable connections.

I am in Australia and from memory I bought all 3 mice from one of our local authorised resellers who I buy almost all my PC parts from and with whom I have spent an absurd amount of money over the years !!! I don't know if there are regional variants to these products or if Corsair simply released a revised version of the product with essentially the same public name, but a different configuration.

Either way, I currently don't seem to be able to get either of the SE mice to Qi charge using my Corsair Qi equipped MM1000 mat.

About to do some controlled testing around trying to charge the mice on a different, known working Qi charger to try to understand if I have a mouse problem or a mat problem.

Will also test charging a different Qi enabled device on the MM1000 mat for another data point.


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I may have figured it out 🙂

The MM1000 Qi charger seems fine, it works

Mouse 1, with the USB-Micro connection charges on the mat - when I use the UFO/dongle thingy plugged into the USB-Micro port, but not without it.

Mouse 3, with the USB-C connection charges on the mat with no dongle.

So it appears that the difference between these 2 SE mice is the USB-Micro/D-Pad version has no Qi receptor in the body of the mouse and the dongle needs to be connected to the port at the front in order to charge, whereas Mouse 3, with the USB-C connection has the Qi receptor embedded in the body of the mouse.

Now I can sleep at night !!!

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CH-9315111 with the “D-pad” on the side is an original “Dark Core RGB SE” (pre-Pro release). This one should be able to charge wirelessly with Qi charging, but there were some issues with that back then. 

9315411 is a “Dark Core RGB Pro” (non-SE).  New button design.  No Qi charging on the non-SE.  


9315511 is the Dark Core RGB Pro “SE”.  New button design and Qi wireless charging.  


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