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XENEON Burn In Protections?

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I just received my spicy new Xeneon 27" OLED and am super excited.  It's set up and glorious.  Ironically, I ordered a whole new rig which won't arrive until tomorrow, but even looking at things on it with my old 1080 is fantastic.  My only gripe so far is that the online quick start guide applies to a different model... and it doesn't really talk about the anti-burn in features.  So, I am not clear on how to use the anti-burn in tools (even with Corsairs warrantee I want to protect the product, I would prefer it last as long as possible).

Can anyone help me understand what anti-burn-in protections are in this monitor and how to use them?

Also, if I have a true black desktop and literally nothing on the screen (start menu and icons are on my other monitor) I literally can't tell the monitor is on... does a purely black screen cause burn in?  My understanding of OLED would suggest no (as the pixes are not actually "on"), but I'd like to confirm.

Thank you to anyone willing to help this OLED noob!  🙂

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There is a function on your monitor that will help prevent the monitor from getting burnin. You can navigate to Monitor OSD and start the burn in protection feature, it will takes around 5 min to finish.

It's more than safe if you set your wallpaper pure black on OLED screen.

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