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Hi I've bought an H100x RGB Elite and I connect it to my lightning core node on 4000x case. In port 1,2,3 are the 3 fan of the case, when i connect the AIO on the node, if I connect the pump on port 4 and the fan on port 5,6, the fan and the pump don't light up, if I connect the fan on 5,6 the fan light up, but the pump no. I connect only the pump on my Asus ROG Strix B550-E ARGB header and it light up only white, if I connect an ARGB fan to the header of the motherboard, it change color with Aura sync. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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There are some issues with that unit and RGB control. First, the pump has 16 LEDs so it’s going to be a mismatch on most serial controllers like the Lighting Node Core. Theoretically it should work with LL fans at 16 LEDs, but other users reported that didn’t work either. It apparently needs to be on a Commander XT with independent RGB ports to be functional that way. Assuming you are using the typical 8 led fans from the 4000x the pump would need to be at the end of the chain and would only light up halfway in an 8 led fan x 6 configuration. 

There is a notice about problems “with specific motherboards and RGB control” somewhere in the forum, but in reality I think everyone was affected and there was a problem with the mb RGB adapter cable. See below and you likely need to contact Corsair to see if your lot number is the original batch or the new. The fact that it lights up at all is one step better than most original users. 


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