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AM4/AM5 Mounting Brackets - Need to redesign them

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Hi all,

At Computex 2023, Noctua is announcing the NM-AMB15 offset mounting bars for their whole range of coolers back to 2005.


But why? Well, these offset bars simply offset the cooler by 7mm relative to the CPU, bringing it 7mm closer to the PCI slots, for reasons that have just been explained by Linus Tech Tips here:



These reasons have to do with the location of the hotspot for AMD Ryzen processors:



The bottom line is that on all AMD Ryzen CPUs, and particularly on Ryzen 7000 CPUs, this 7mm offset allows for a temperature gain that can reach 3°C. Simple as that.

For that reason, I think Corsair could/should redesign its AIO AM4/AM5 mounting brackets. These for example:


The upper bracket needs to be 7mm longer, and the lower bracket needs to be 7mm shorter.

With that mere modification, a temperature gain can be expected.


AFAIK there's no reason not to do it: the modification is really easy, and it costs little to nothing to produce.

For that reason, I think Corsair should start doing it to all their AM4/AM5 mounting brackets right away.

What do you think?

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I would have expected somebody to answer. Maybe even a "thank you" out of courtesy.

Have people around here lost their good manners? Or are they just aiming to discourage consumers from buying Corsair stuff?

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Well, there's not much to comment on.

Either Corsair redesigns brackets, or they don't. Users don't have much say in it.

by the way they would have to do more than just shorten one and lenghten the other. Bendy as they are it would lead to irregular mounting pressure. they would have to make the brackets very stiff, maybe doing bent steel like the noctua mounts..

Personally i wouldn't hold much hope they ever release anything of the sort. Corsair usually releases a product and moves on to the next one. But who knows, maybe such project could go under the company's bean counters radar, we never know


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Posted (edited)

Thanks, at least somebody is reaching out 🙂

I don't have any hopes on Corsair. Their products look nice but their customer care is close to zero.

I'd rather hope for somebody else to 3D-design adequate brackets, produce them somehow, and then sell them to the community for a reasonable price. That has already been done in the past with other AIO brackets (there are some Reddit topics). Hopefully this topic may serve as inspiration for somebody to design better brackets with that 7mm offset, and of course paying attention to the stiffness. It's all that it takes. 🙂

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Well, do they even design the brackets, or are they part of what Asetek/Coolit does for them? I have no idea if it's even relevant to ask them ^^ but if it's the OEM job, they could at least discuss having the Ryzen offset.

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