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VS512MB400C3 Failure

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My machine as described in the profile was getting eratic errors on unzipping large downloads. Occassional blue screens were being encountered on long running processes such as Antivirus scans and AdWare scans. This culminated in an unbootable system. Not even bios could be entered. After substituting every component on the motherboard including CPU and memory and just before replacing the mb I resolved the boot problem by replacing the power supply.


During this process I removed the memory (2 512Mb dimms) from the down system and placed it in an identical system and booted into memtst86. The memory on this test machine checked fine. I substituted the down machines memory and errors were detected in a small range of address locations in high memory.


I removed one dimm and ran mem test with no errors. Switched the dimm and received errors.


The "test" machine is an identical box with the same Corsair memory, CPU, MB and peripeherals except the graphics card is an ATI 800XT.


I would like a RMA approval for an exchange part for the bad dimm. This dimm was purchased in December 2003 and NewEgg has declined to provide RMA because of the time since purchase.

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