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filling to the top

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Hello everyone,

so i sent one of my pumps back and ordered a radiator, i have spent today re filling it etc but dont know how i can fill the last bit of the top as it comes out of the fill hole,

please help.






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Posted (edited)

Inevitably, there is going to be some small amount of air in any custom water cooling system.  There are ways to bleed it out the highest point of the loop, but that may not help right now.  Assuming you are filling from the black fill port in the center of the top circle, there will be some air there on the first fill.  However, once you turn the pump on that should push through as the top left hose pushes the fluid around the top and the air goes up into the top radiator.  When you shut down, the air is most likely to stay in the top radiator and not be visible.  If you are having trouble getting the air pushed out, open up CUE and set the XD7 pump to maximum (about 4800 rpm).  If you have not loaded up Windows or are still in the building phase, you can do the same thing by disconnecting the PWM connector from the XD7 to Commander XT/Commander Pro or whatever is controlling its speed.  WARNING -- DON'T reconnect the pwm connector of the XD7 back to the fan controller when it's powered on.  Always do it when the system is powered down.  It is possible to blow the speed controller on the pump by connecting it to a live signal.


It looks like the fluid went all the way around.  Are you having issues somewhere else?


So at some point (likely not now), you can put a T-valve fitting or other type connector into that top radiator.  You keep it closed for normal use, but the extra end can be used as a higher fill port or air bleeder to let the air out.  Some radiators have this on the end caps and it looks like the fill port on the XD7.  Just a tiny twist lets the air out or you can open it up and fill from higher on.  

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