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Murals Suck!

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It is time to start looking at different solutions for RGB fans and liquid CPU cooling. Corsair is letting this pile of dog poop that we call iCue ruin Corsair solutions.

iCue sucks. It is hard to use, does not work properly, lacks any action feed back (did I just save that change or not??)  and keeps getting worse with each new version.

Murals suck. Murals are ugly. I am now setting hardware profiles and unloading iCue. I may as well use ASUS Aura or any other ARGB solution.

My next build will be with an ASUS AIO CPU cooler and my fans will be managed by Fan Xpert, color driven by Aura.  We have options Corsair. Too bad your excelent hardware is gimped by this pile of doggy poop. 



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