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A1600 Voyager AMD drivers and Bios Frustrations: When are we getting updated drivers?

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I want to straight up come out and say, I love the hardware. It is an amazing laptop with top notch materials. I can even overlook the 6 bit color on the 240hz monitor. 

I will break things down. 

I have reinstalled Windows fresh THREE TIMES. Full partition wipes! I simply do not have the time to mess with this! My time is money and I need my PC for game dev work! For now, I simply turned off Hybrid mode and use the laptop as a desktop replacement. I am considering returning.  I CANNOT waste anymore time on this. 

1. AMD Drivers are simply out of date, and not one tech has given us a clear answer on what AMD drivers are being validated, nor when. It makes me question whether this product is already EOL. I have already downloaded and tried every single driver provided.  They break, or simply won't finish  install. However, the newest drivers from AMD install without a hitch. 

2. Bios may be related to the fan hub issues I have been having. I cannot for the life of me get the fan hub to show up on ICUE!  Everything from diagnostics to voyager hub are installed. I can FN+_F5 to get it to change. However, its a joke this stuff is not working properly. Normal people don't have the patience to fix this stuff!

3. BTW When Dolby Atmos is installed with the Virtuoso XT installed, and the Dolby software to tune the Laptop speakers, the EQ (Dolby) for the Slipstream module built in simply doesn't work. Like at all. Period. I can simply reinstall just the Realtek drivers and have the speakers and headphones work with EQ, but in ICUE it shows my headset as running off of Windows Sonic instead of Dolby.  This causes serious bass distortion. So I simply leave it off and use the ICUE EQ. 

So please? What is Corsair doing to rectify these problems? Is the Laptop EOL and you guys are just dropping support? EOL wouldn't even matter if we were allowed to update our drivers like normal tbh. 

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Typical Corsair experience unfortunately. Good hardware ruined by bad software ( or lack thereof).

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I returned mine for a Legion 7i 8th Gen.

Lets be real here. They dropped the ball. I wanted this to work so bad but....

1. Can't unpair from slipstream.

2. AMD drivers are over 8 months outdated. Can't install new AMD drivers without messing up the Internal monitor.

3. Idle Temps (55C and 56C CPU/GPU) are hot, even in idle.

4. Many have complained about Annoying fan whine, and it was bad on mine as well.

5. 6 Bit color on the internal display with a 3k Laptop? Seriously?????? Are you kidding me? (I have 10 Bit Color at 240hz on my 7I) 7. Corsair support seems to be bluntly not ready to deal with this.

I asked about driver updates and got a response in a week! And it was them giving me the 8 month old drivers. I am guessing they are understaffed and under prepared for handling a laptop as software support. Thier premade Desktops mirror the same issues.


Bottom Line: It's a great concept, but without backing up the software, its dead in the water. And I love the aluminum unibody construction!

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19 hours ago, LeDoyen said:

Typical Corsair experience unfortunately. Good hardware ruined by bad software ( or lack thereof).

Yeah their 2k USD monitor doesn't show up in ICUE. Software support is not finished. 

After the laptop incident, I am not even opening the box. Just returning it. If people going to drop serious cash, they expect serious quality on software and hardware. I pay more to have better stability as well. It's sad. 


If I can't rely on them for proper support on a laptop, why would I risk the 3 year warranty on the Monitor? I don't trust them now. And that is the problem. Maybe shouldn't be cutting staffing in the support department. 

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