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DDR5 memory compatibility with Dell Optiplex 7010 Plus Q670 chipset

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I just bought a Dell 7010 small form factor plus. I'm new to DDR5 and I want to put 2x16GB in it.  Crucial does not list this in their compatibility finder. Motherboard specs:

Chipset: Q670

Processor: i7-13700 (13th gen)

Memory speed: 4400

4 slots PCIe Gen4

I don't want to overclock. Nothing fancy. Just looking to buy something that works. Will this work: CMK32GX5M2B5200C40 (DDR5 5200 CL40 1.25V)?


Kingston does list a compatible kit but I can't find it anywhere except direct from China and I don't want to go that route. (DDR5 4800 CL40 1.1V)

I'm not sure if the speed and voltage of the corsair will work. I.E will it run at 4400 since it is lower freq and at 1.1V instead of the tested 1.25V.

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the Q670 chipset, if i'm not mistaken, does not support XMP.

So if you get a 5200 kit at 1.25V, it will not run at those specs. it will revert back to its SPD rating. It's all listed in the link you have :

It will run at 4800mhz, CL40, 1.1V

Dell probably have been very cheap installing some 4400 mhz ram in that ? Anyway, you won't find that particular Dell listed in many RAM QVL lists, manufacturers can't test all the computers in the world, so you may have to go by ram specs. Since you can't enable XMP anyway it should be trouble free, hopefully 🙂

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