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HX 850 - Modular plug question

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I've had this PSU for a while and it has been rock solid. Just had some questions about the modular plugs on it.  As you can see in this picture, there is a cluster of 5 8 pin power connectors that appear to be all labled "6+2 PCI-E & 4+4 CPU". They have the same keying. My questions are: 

  1. are they all suitable for both GPU and Motherboard (CPU power)?
  2. are they all rated the same?
  3. are they all on the same rail? if not, how are they split between the rails?


Screenshot 2023-05-31 194901.png

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they are all exactly the same. As the writing implies, they can all be used for CPU or PCIE, whatever falls best for cable management 🙂

For the single/multirail, it controls the overcurrent protection. It's either an OCP for the whole 12V rail (~70A on that one) or an OCP per output with obviously a lower setpoint.

Single rail is usually beneficial for very heavy overclocking. Multirail is the safest option for normal overclock and non-overclocked rigs. If you install a very power hungry GPU and get weird shutdowns, it's worth a try flipping that switch to see if it's just pulling too much current. 

Otherwise, physically, the PSU only has one 12V supply rail. If it has more, it appears in the rating plate. You'll have several +12V lines with their respective amperage in the rating table, and the plugs are often labelled like 12V1, 12V2 etc to know on which rail they are.

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