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Is it okay for me to change the fans from an aio? I've been torn between the h100i elite lcd (240mm) and the h150i pro xt hydro series (360mm)?

My plan was to buy the xt hydro, and then buy 2 kits of the same fans that come with the h100i lcd, so I could put them in the case and in the aio.

The problems is that the static pressure, rpm and air flow are different (not that much) between these to sets of fans. Would it be okay, or should I just use the ones that come with the aio and match the case fans with the ones in the aio?

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You’re fine to use the ML-Elite fans from the Elite Capellix series. Both fans have the same blade design and will produce similar results at similar speeds. The static pressure value quoted in most fan specs is generated at maximum rpm and thus any fan with a high rpm will have a flattering value, regardless of whether it makes a good radiator fan. The older ML-Pro fans on the XT had a 2400 rpm max compared to 2000 on the current ML-Elite. You are not likely to spend any time at 2000 rpm or above nor do you need to and differences at this speeds on a standard radiator are going to hard to measure. 

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