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Updated iCue to 5.1.114, Lost Access to Rear Fan and AIO

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Hello. This morning my icue software updated to version 5.1.114 and afterwards, I no longer have access to my rear exhaust fan, the three fans on my h150i Elite AIO and the AIO itself.  I can't change the RGB (they're not synced up with the profile and are doing their own thing) and I can't change the LCD screen at all.  They just don't show up in the software anymore.  I've gone thought the usual of checking for additional updates, uninstalled and reinstalled.  Also the only other thing I have that controls any RGB is EVGA Precision X1 for my GPU and it's up to date.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!



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@BenaresuThe LCD top is showing in the modules, but the Commander Core + top are missing as an actual device.  That suggests some type of USB detection issue and I would try troubleshooting it as such.  I'm not sure how all your gear is connected and whether you are using a hub, but try disconnecting the Lighting Node Pro USB from the MB, then connect the Com Core and LCD top directly.  See if that allows CUE to detect it initially and load the module.  Then go back and put the Com Core + top together and the LNP back on.  Hopefully that sorts it, but this can be a trial and error process.


What motherboard series are you using?

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