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PC Build with 9 ML 120mm fans help


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Hello everyone, I am looking to do a new build with a non corsair case(NZXT H9 Flow). I want to replace the case fans with Corsair ML 120mm fans. I have 3 that come with the AIO that I'm purchasing which is the Corsair iCUE H150I Elite Capellix. My friend is giving me 6 of the same fans so I just want to make sure I have the connections all correct.


To start, my motherboard has 2 internal 2.0 USB headers. 


I know I can connect 3 of the fans that's with the AIO to the commander core that it comes with and the RGB along with it. However, for the other 6 fans(3 side and 3 bottom) can I purchase a commander core XT and connect the fan wire and the RGB to it? Then connect the Commander core XT USB header to the motherboard connector? 


I seen this image online and want to follow a similar pattern, but replacing the commander pro with the commander core XT which from what I understand, effectively removing the rgb hub as will.


So the breakdown will be this


AIO -  3 ML fans connected to commander core - connect usb header to motherboard

Case - 6 ML fans connected to commander core XT - connect usb header to motherboard


Would this work?


Thank you 

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Adding a Commander XT will give you fan speed and RGB control for another 6 fans. The Commander XT is very similar to the Commander Core that comes with the Elite Capellix AIO but without the pump power delivery circuits. Each controller needs its own usb 2 connection. Trying to connect the Com Core through the passthrough port on the Com XT is not likely to work. 

You can split the fans between the two controllers any way you need, but each is a separate programmable group. It likely make/ sense to split them based on their case location. 

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