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Here's what I put together-

Ryzen 7900X3D (Phanteks GLACIER C360A waterblock)


XFX Speedster Zero RX 6950XT (EK Waterblock from Factory)

Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB 2 Dimm DDR5 6000 C40

Corsair AX1200i PSU - This PSU is a monster and helped save my system I am convinced (ASUS and AMD X3D bios debacle)

Lots of drives all Samsung M.2 (x4) plus one 4tb Sata SSD

EK D5 Pump and RES

Corsair Commander Pro (best way to control a watercooled system easily- I have 3 :))

2 x Hardware Labs Nemesis Black Ice GTS 360mm Radiators 

9 x Corsair ML 120 Pro Red and 2 x 140mm Love the flow and noise level!!!

2 Water Temp Sensors, 2 Air temp probes

***Older Pics, I had G.Skills ram to begin with...not sure why last two pictures are upside-down?!? 



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