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VS512MB400 Module Problem

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I have theese two modules

My system got unstable during last days, so I decided to run memtest to check the Memory.


I did the memtest for the 2 modules, and I also tested with one at the time.


With 2 moduls: 2000errors, peaks at 6(711), 4(540), 7(244)

With #1 of the modules: 40errors, 6(17), 3(8), 4(7)

With #2 of the modules: 2000errors, 6(574), 4(565), 5(246), 7(230)


My CAS etc:

cas: 2.5T

rastocas: 3t

row precharge: 3t

tras: 8t


Please advice


/Thanks and best regards

Jocke-cool-man :cool:

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  • Corsair Employees
Getting errors with both modules would suggest some other problem, and I would suggest a minimum of 450 Watt PSU with that system config. Please set the Dim Voltage to 2.7 Volts and I would test them in another system to be sure.
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