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Unwanted 'Windows Key + F13-F24' System Functions in Windows 10

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I assigned my Corsair Scimitars thumb grid buttons to F13-F24 using iCUE version 4.33.138. I noticed the following unintended keybinds:

  • Windows key + F16 = slide to shut down

  • Windows key + F17 = some wacky minimization thing

  • Windows key + F20 = mini screen clipper

  • Windows key + F21 = opens the settings

  • Windows key + F22 = projector menu

F13—F24 is generally Shift+F1—Shift+F12. When I press Shift+Win+F4 (Win+F16) on my keyboard, it doesn't open the slide to shut down menu, while the mouse does. This made me think it has something to do with iCUE.

Is there a way to remove these key combinations from trigger these unwanted actions?

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I've tried:

  • AHK (AutoHotkey) v.

    • This code does NOT block 'Windows Key + F16' from triggering the system function listed above.

    SendMode Input
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    #SC067 Up::
    MsgBox, %A_ThisHotkey% was pressed.
    • Using SC (scan codes) to target the key yields no use either. This example shows SC067, which represents F16.

    • To see the KeyHistory of the script directly above, after pressing 'Windows key + F16', see here.

  • Disabling Corsair iCUE

    • Only if you use hardware assignments to the mouse using iCUE, will the thumb grid buttons continue to work when the software isn't running. The problem here is, F13-F24 aren't assignable to the hardware, they require the software, in order to be mapped to the mouse.

    • It's possible to remap 1-+, F1-12, or Numpad 1-Numpad+ to F13-F24, but this defeats the purpose of using F13-F24, as the purpose what to have a decoupled set of 12 keys that could be bound to the mouse. Remapping the other sets, either ruins their original functionality or adds complexity by requiring a state toggle using AHK.

  • SharpKeys

  • Key Remapper

  • Key Manager

  • KeyTweak

  • Simple Disable Key

  • X-Mouse Button Control

  • Editing the DisabledKeys registry value to include F16. This is a Google Bard hallucination.

⚠ Microsoft PowerToys is a no-go. It requires Windows 10 v2004 (19041) or newer, a prerequisite I cannot meet. Installation attempts fail because of this reason.

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Try a basic software repair. Typically when the KB or mouse it spitting out incorrect keys or actions something has become corrupted in CUE/Windows exchange. 

Windows Settings -> Installed Apps -> Corsair iCUE. Click the 3 dot drop down and select “modify”. Follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not erase profiles or settings, but it’s generally good at cleaning up weird output issues. 

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