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Corsair Hydro H150i iCUE ELITE LCD XT White360


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Hello guys i want to build a system with a Corsair Hydro H150i iCUE ELITE LCD XT White360 as my cpu cooler on a am5 board.

The case shall be a lian li O11 Dynamic Evo. So in fact i want there to be 10 fans in the case.

3 from cpu cooler installed on topside of the case

3 fans on the side

3 at the bottom

and one on the backside. The H150i comes with a commander that fits 6 fans. So i wonder if its possible to buy another commander for the other 4 fans and

connect both of them to have everything together? Will this be possible, anything i have to pay attention on?

Also what model makes most sense for the 7 seperate fans?

best regards

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You’ll get a Commander Core with the AIO. That’s RGB and PWM control for 6. The remaining fans can be done in a couple of ways.

1) PWM repeater hub plus additional RGB controller from one of the multi fan packs (Lighting Node Core). The PWM hub is about $15 and this is an inexpensive way to set it up. This is how I ran my various O11 builds, but I also had lots of these before I began and it was a natural fit for a multi RGB custom water cooling build. 

2) Add a Commander XT. Looks just like the Commander Core but without the AIO pump power circuitry and it gets an extra led channel and 2 temp probe ports in its place. This is a really easy 1:1 plug and play setup.  

With Corsair systems each controller is a separate RGB group. You can make all fans green, rainbow, or pulse random colors by setting the same effect on both controllers. What you can’t do is run a wave from fan 1-10 across the two controllers. A lot if people are caught off guard by this but even those other brands claiming 16+ interconnected fans do not provide sequential lighting from start to finish and effects are replicated in sub groups, just like with Corsair. 

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