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water cooling rattling/bubbles

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well you'll be better off filling when you'll have installed the radiator(s). 

Are you runing a XD5 and a XD7?

If you hear bubbling in a loop it's just that you still have air trapped inside, and you have to work it out, often by tilting the case to help it go to the outlet of wherever it's trapped into. Also make sure you never tilt it so much that the pump suddenly runs dry. Everytime a bubble comes out, liquid replaces it, and the reservoir level drops. Top it up as you go.

Out of curiosity, what is the layout of the loop you're making? Can't see any radiator or GPU block, apparently there's two pumps but maybe you intended to only have the XD7?

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You don’t need two pumps. It will only make more noise than you like at idle and tithe pressure will be ridiculous for a cpu only loop. 

You do need a radiator or this won’t work at all. 

With the XD7 you must follow strict in/out port direction going around the loop. Right now I don’t think the fluid can complete the circuit because the ports are not all open. You must use them all or bridge them to skip a circle. That can be overly elaborate and may help you decide between the XD5 and XD7. 

DO NOT run the pump in the current configuration. You are creating a massive amount of pressure at those dead ends. 

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