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Good day guys,

I have been a massive fan of corsair products for many years. Attached , you'll see that I have gone out of my way to save up for a corsair product over a competitor every time, because I always believed that corsair just makes better things. My case, pump, ram, headsets, headset stand, keyboard , mouse and mouse pad is all from corsair and I love Icue to be able to customize it all under one software banner. 

However, the question I would just like to ask is, am I the only one unlucky enough to have most of my products go broken in some way or fashion. All the items you see there was bought in 2021 with the exception of the case, which is 4 months old. My mouse pad LED's died completely from my mm700. My dark core pro has been skipping across my screen and peeling off on the rubber, even after I tried cleaning and hard resetting. The LED's on the headset stand is starting to fail, where the white is no longer white but a shade of green. My LED's under my keyboard (example is the num pad 0 in pic) is also dying, and the foam around the void pro wireless is cracking and peeling off after not much use.  

I guess what I'm trying to just ask, is 2 years the average lifespan of these products before they break in some way? Are my expectations too high to want to buy a keyboard and not have their LEDs fail for 3 to 5 years. 

Thanks in advance, I'll probably try to upgrade to newer version of things I have. Just hoping something like the K70 or the new line of headsets lasts longer, as I am in no way a rough user and clean my equipment regularly 


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It's a bit hit and miss, you may be lucky, or not.. mainly with LED lifespan.

That's not brand specific. With mass manufacturing you don't necesarely get binned LED chips, all defect free. i've had pretty much every corsair led strip die on me, a few fans have had dead color dies.

For keyboards, same thing, always one or two ded leds here and there, on the two K70 i used to own and on my previous logitech G815.

Some color patterns wear them off way faster like white lighting, and bright static color combinations. 

If your mouse doesn't have optical switches, the two main buttons are bound to start double clicking sooner or later.. after 6 months on my Corsair nightsword, after up to 2 years on my oldest G502, but it doesn't mean anything, both use the same switches.

Rubber surface? peeled right off my Nightsword after 5- 6 months. the Logitech just got gradually flatter, but always smooth. Here the corsair one was clearly inferior (but i have acidic sweat. May work better for others).

Corsair is not better or worst quality than other manufacturers, but you have to make some concessions when using LED lighting if you want it to last. One thing they are good at is customer support, although they are experiencing delays these days. If your peripherals start acting up or fail, don't hesitate to put that warranty to use. Dead leds, you can still work with, but with dodgy switches and mouse sensors, you'd be better off requesting a warranty exchange.

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