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Reuse Corsair AX1500i and is 16pin Gpu Cable compatible?

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Building new PC since my 8 year-old PC, Checking if reusing my 8year-old Corsair AX1500i PSU is advisable as I know common life span of capacitors are usually between 8 to 10 years. And I don't to build a PC for another 5 to 10 years. So two questions:

Q1: Use the 8 year-old PSU or Buy a new PSU? (with Reasoning) 

Q2: Is the Corsair 16pin GPU Cable (Link: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/600W-PCIe-5-0-12VHPWR-Type-4-PSU-Power-Cable/p/CP-8920284 ) compatible with Corsair AX1500i for ASUS TUF 4090 OC?

Appreciate your replies.


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Q2 the old AXi are type 3 PSUs so the new 12VHPWR cable will work. The pinout on the power suply end is the same for this.

Q1 : As for reusing an old PSU, it's a tough call 🙂 you may want to replace it and be done for 10 years, or just install it anyway and wait to change it.

I personally never go beyond the warranty period for the reasons you stated. The AX1500i carries a 10 years warranty, so it has 2 years left to go if you follow that route. That's plenty of time for more ATX3.0 PSUs to come out. Choices.. choices...


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